How It Works

Bolt-A-Blok concrete blocks stack with interlocking bars and bolts to create stronger structures faster — no mortar required.

Revolutionary, Yet Simple

Rectangular steel bars run horizontally through concrete blocks, and steel bolts thread vertically through the bars and blocks to create a reinforced steel grid inside the masonry structure.

The Bolt-A-Blok system is:


  • Post-tensioned
  • Stronger than non-reinforced mortar construction
  • Equivalent to grouted and reinforced concrete masonry units with #5 rebar, 4′ on center
  • Tested to 4000+ PSI max


  • No cure time required
  • No lateral support required
  • No weather delays
  • Rapid build time
  • Immediate structural integrity
  • Easy plumb and level alignment
  • Can be pre-assembled


  • No water required
  • No power required
  • Reduces risk of lime runoff
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Reusable components
  • Repositionable


  • Reduces construction time
  • Reduces labor cost
  • Reduces materials and equipment cost
  • Reduces clean-up
  • No mortar required
  • No vibrators required
  • Works with crushed stone foundation
Placing block

Place the Block

Place the concrete block. Square it up with the blocks below and next to it.

Place the bar

Place the Bar

Place the bar in the bar groove. Pre-drilled holes align so there is one threaded hole and one pass-through hole in every other block core.

Place the bolt

Place the Bolt

Place the bolt in the pass-through hole on the top bar and the threaded hole on the lower bar.

Tighten the bolt

Tighten the Bolt

Tighten the bolt to 9-13 ft/lbs of torque using a cordless drill. Check the wall system with a torque wrench periodically.

See How Bolt-A-Blok Works

Explore the Bolt-A-Blok system with a miniature 3D model kit.