A revolutionary block, bar, & bolt system to build stronger concrete structures

Bolt-A-Blok System

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Build Better Buildings

Without Compromise

Cure times, clean up, weather delays, weak mortar joints… it’s time to leave these wasted costs and pains behind.

Let’s replace mortar with steel. Let’s construct stronger walls. And let’s build them faster than ever before. Welcome to the future of concrete construction.

The Bolt-A-Blok System

Patented Concrete Blocks

Fire rated, thermally efficient, 4000+ PSI

Cor-Ten® Steel Bars

Anti-corrosive, high-tensile strength, pre-drilled through and threaded holes

Cor-Ten® Steel Bolts

Anti-corrosive, premium-grade, tapered tip

Illustration of concrete block
Illustration of Bolt-A-Blok bar
Illustration of Bolt-A-Blok bolts

4000+ PSI Max


Instant Strength


No Weak Mortar Points


Superior Performance

By eliminating mortar joints, Bolt-A-Blok walls are stronger than traditional block construction. And with no cure time, the post-tensioning of the concrete blocks and the unique interlocking system provide immediate structural integrity.


Faster Construction

Eliminating the application and dry time of mortar means buildings that once took weeks now go up in days, in any weather. Under the direction of a trained installer, walls can be built faster and at a lower overall cost per Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU).


Eliminate Construction Delays


Reduce Material & Labor Cost


Build in Any Weather


Interior or Exterior


Load Bearing or Non


Permanent or Temporary

More Versatile

Limitless Capabilities

Bolt-A-Blok structures offer more than sheer strength. The unique Bolt-A-Blok system can be adapted for almost any application, and can be removed and reused by simply taking out the bolts. To further strengthen your build, the block cores can be filled for enhanced fortification.


Precision Engineered

Toughness from the drawing board to the construction site. Bolt-A-Blok has been rigorously tested by international and third parties to prove it’s ability to withstand the most unforgiving environments.

Performance Testing

ICC (International Code Council) Evaluation Report

ATI (Architectural Testing, Inc.) Performance Test

ASTM E-119 Fire Test

NCMA Evaluation of Masonry Beams

Compliance Testing

Lehigh State University

Engineering Analysis

Penn State University

How It Works

Placing block

Place the Block

Place the bar

Place the Bar

Place the bolt

Place the Bolt

Tighten the bolt

Tighten the Bolt

Product Guide


Footer Block

Line Block

Corner Block

Pilaster Block


Triple Bar 45˝

Double Bar 29˝

Single Bar 13˝

Half Bar 5˝

Footer Bar

Link Bar


9″ Bolt

12″ Bolt

Bolt-A-Blok bolts

Build stronger. Build faster.