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In the 1930s, the United States Steel Corporation developed COR-TEN Steel, to control corrosion. The development of COR-TEN was a welcome by-product of the need for a tough steel capable of withstanding the rigors of America’s burgeoning marshaling yards and...

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Game Changer In Construction Materials

Bolt-A-Blok is a unitized, post-tensioned, concrete and steel structural system, comprised of concrete blocks, steel bolts and bars. The steel components, the post-tensioning of each block and the interlocking block characteristics give the Bolt-A-Blok System its...

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Protection from Hurricanes & Tornadoes

Because of the strength of its buildings, Bolt-A-Blok structures can better withstand hurricanes, tornadoes and other high-wind conditions. Bolt-A-Blok structures offer people throughout the world a better option for keeping families safer!

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